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Quite possibly the horniest game of the year.


In the year 3597, all bodies that house any kind of genitalia have gone extinct. The bottoms of each person snapped off their old bodies and forged themselves into new beings known as Gumans. All the young and old live in an alternate world similar to our own, called Analtha. Most of the cities center themselves around a giant butt facing the sky. The largest city, Analopis, is home to many of the Gumans that live, breath, and eat there.

Residing in the city is Jira, a young penis living afar from his family studying the world of cinema as a profession. He lost his testicles in recent memory due to unforeseen circumstances. He's checked most of the places he's visited and thought they would be there, but weren't at all. He is greeted by an old friend, who is willing to help him find his missing pair of balls to make him whole again. 


The basics of what you'll need to live in the other world...


You may need to install the RTP for the best experience, or at the very least, be able to run it on your own system. Otherwise you could be locked out from playing the game at all. It's available for your own convenience here by clicking this link.

Streaming/Content Creation Briefing

The bottom line is that the game is very much NSFW in terms of what's being shown, but more in an artistic manner. As far as recording or livestreaming the game, there is nothing too explicit that may prevent you from doing so. In the future, it may be a possibility of making a "Streamer Safe" version of the game, but it's not something to pursue at this time. Other than that, go wild.


Dave Kenneth  - Writer, Programmer, Composer

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